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The array of services offered are indicated below.


The Soul Dancing Workshop

A five session series conducted over two to three weeks, the central workshop offered.


Soul Dancing for children

One day workshop for children ages 4 - 7.


One-on-one Counselling

Counselling sessions offered exclusively after having completed the Soul Dancing workshop.

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List of Services

The Soul Dancing Workshop

Soul Dancing is not just about dancing.
DANCING is the method we utilise to reach the depths of our being…Soul Dancing focuses on different domains of life such as emotions, discipline, fear conquering, fun, connection, consciousness and so much more! Come join this inspiring circle of individuals who are willing & eager to keep on advancing themselves.

Soul Dancing for Children

The Soul Dancing Workshop for Children is a pure celebration of Life. It is comprised of about 2 hours of play, fun, joy, laughter, innocence and freedom. It aims to preserve what children already posses, to assist them to be and remain in contact with all the beauty that they are.

One-on-one Counselling

One-on-one sessions tailored to your specific needs and life.

You will be required to attend one Soul Dancing workshop & thereafter should you wish to work with your facilitator individually based upon the discoveries made during Soul Dancing, individual sessions will be designed to contribute to your further development & increased quality of life.

Aspects to be encountered during the workshop:

Emotions 0
Discipline 0
Consciousness 0
Fun, Celebration, Laughter 0
Inter-relationships 0
Insights, Learning, Feedback 0
Fear Conquering challenges 0
Serendipity 0
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Souls Dancing

"Wow...I am humbled. Thank you Efrat for sharing your time, your gift and your love with us."

Mmule Mathibedi

"I just want to say thank you again for the truly amazing experience I've had with my souldancing."

Celeste Wiid

"I found a possibility to love me again. That I can be ok and that my life is worth more than I imagined it to be."

Heidi Marais

"The work you do is wonderful. I have seen myself grow with every workshop."

Nomzamo Mlungu

"Efrat you have refined this art. I am thankful for being here and experiencing and benefitting, the way I have."

Comfort Masike

"Thank you Efrat. This is a beautiful experience that has become part of my life."

Clairwyn Van Der Merwe

"…For me, this is the best way to express my emotions, my being."

Elza Van Dijk

“Thank you so much Efrat for a wonderful Soul dancing experience. My heart and my soul always dance more when I encounter you.”

Pearlene Cochlan