Soul Dancing for Children

The Soul Dancing Workshop for Children is a pure celebration of Life. It is comprised of about 2 hours of play, fun, joy, laughter, innocence and freedom. It aims to preserve what children already posses, to assist them to be and remain in contact with all the beauty that they are.

Cost: 300.00 ZAR

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Group Work

Members who are interested to openly share about their difficulties, struggles, challenges, deepest fears and also joys and successes within their relationship with their partner as well as those members who wish to share of the struggles of being without a relationship or losing a meaningful relationship, will gather weekly to share and discuss this highly important domain of our life. Efrat in her capacity will also bring forward at times, tasks, questions and challenges to benefit the growth of each individual within the group.

Cost: 50.00 ZAR per session

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One-on-one Counselling

Efrat offers one-on-one counselling sessions for those who are interested in focusing fully on themselves and their personal journey.

“There comes a time in everyone’s life where we require an individual that will be there to listen to us and assist us to make order within our own thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, when we experience a crisis we require someone external to understand and guide us, someone who is neutral and can see the situation for what is, without being caught in the emotional turmoil of it all. Some of us could do well with just having an hour for ourselves where we are the most important person in the world and where no one questions our motives for taking the road of self-exploration in its different forms.” - Efrat Banai

Efrat works from a social work approach, where the practitioner is a facilitator in the individual’s journey and believes in the individual’s capability of bringing about change within his or her own life.

Efrat also works from a spiritual perspective and thus her practice is based on the notion that our being is most important. In her practice, Efrat encompasses many principles and values from her work within the field of transformation and utilizes her strong intuition to guide others.

Cost: 350.00 ZAR per session

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