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How Soul Dancing operates?

Dance that heals

What are the benefits of Soul Dancing?

Magic Dance

Who is soul dancing for?

For your soul

How Soul Dancing operates?

  1. All sessions begin with sharing of insights & feedback on the previous session.

  2. All sessions require preparation to be done in anticipation of the next session.

  3. At Soul Dancing dance moves or dance styles are in no way taught, it is a free, authentic expression of each individual.

  4. All sessions are facilitated through carefully designed processes which are in line with the 2 emotions at the core of each session.

  5. The music is carefully selected to fit each and every dance process.

  6. Costs for our services will be provided upon inquiry.

What are the benefits of Soul Dancing?

  1. Soul Dancing is an opportunity to grow through discovering and letting go of emotions you have been holding onto.

  1. You can identify your challenges and obstacle emotions clearly, dive deeply into what is holding you back in life & break through these.

  1. Gain valuable insights.

  1. Soul Dancing is an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the powerful and beautiful truth of who you are and your capability.

  1. You meet a community of like-hearted people united in their passion for growing and learning about themselves.  You can form friendships, share your experiences and find support in another.

  1. Soul Dancing is fun!

  1. At Soul Dancing you receive feedback and gain practical tools and techniques to utilize in your life in order to actualise your goals, dreams and desires.

  1. If you love music and discovering new, beautiful, moving music – Soul Dancing is a great place to do so.

  1. It is spread out over three weeks, giving you the time to reflect in the space between sessions and start practically applying your learnings/discoveries from each session into your daily life.

  1. If you are busy with work or parenting it is a great gift of love and care to self.

Who is soul dancing for?

Soul Dancing for adults: Suitable for anyone from the age of 16 and upwards.

Soul Dancing for kids: Suitable for children between the ages 4 – 7.


Soul Dancing Monthly

A Soul Dancing workshop takes place once every 3-4 months.

Each Soul dancing workshop is divided into 5 sessions that are conducted over a period of two to three weeks and the sessions are to be attended in their entirety as the cumulative power resides in going through all of them. Attending individual sessions is not possible & participants are strongly encouraged to make the commitment to attend the entire 5 session series.

The Soul Dancing workshop is a powerful mechanism to enhance emotional intelligence, raise consciousness, develop healthy inter-relationships, feel & express freely, return to love & revive aliveness.

After a participant has completed one Soul Dancing series, he/she will be invited to continue working with the facilitator on an individual basis & utilize the coaching sessions to deepen their work on themselves.

The Soul Dancing Workshop for Children is a pure celebration of Life. It aims to preserve what children already possess, to assist them to be and remain in contact with all the beauty that they are.

the founder

Efrat Banai

Efrat Banai completed her Social Work studies at the University of Pretoria, during which time, she undertook the task of caring for a school in one of South Africa’s rural communities where she counseled the young learners through the technique of play therapy. She then proceeded to study a law degree, attaining her LLB cum laude, receiving multiple awards and completing as one of the top ten students in her final year. Efrat continued to do her pupillage year with the JHB Bar and qualified as an advocate of the High court of SA.

In addition, she has been involved in personal transformation for the last 15 years, having founded and facilitated Soul Dancing since 2006, a consciousness development tool that elicits personal growth & emotional well-being. Soul Dancing leads the way in the sphere of emotional development & is nowhere else to be found.

Soul Dancing lights the way home…

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